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Artikelnummer: 82035

Joola CWX

A long pimple rubber, that meets all the requirements of modern defensive play.
Kategori: Långnabb
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To be a successful defender nowadays it is extremely important to constantly refine all playing components. Cutting defence from half distance is not the only priority any more. Moreover, a defensive player has to be flexible. This requires pimple rubbers that enable such playing characteristics.
Therefore our goal was to develop a long pimple rubber, together with our longterm partner defending ace Chen Weixing, that meets all the requirements of modern defensive play. The result of these efforts is the JOOLA CWX.
The pink coloured (50°) sponge with integrated Tensor technology offers enormous opportunities for undercut strokes away from the table, whilst retaining control for disturbing shots close to the table due to the sponge hardness and flat trajectory. The grippy micro structure of the pimple heads and the flexibility of the narrow pimples also allows extreme chop defence with maximum control.
Hårdhet: Hård
Gummityp: Långnabb
Varumärke: Joola
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